James would gut coverage for pre-existing conditions 

James called the health care law which protects coverage for 1.7 million Michiganders with pre-existing conditions a “monstrosity” and promised to “work [his] tail off” to remove it if elected. He’s also refused to oppose the Trump-led lawsuit to gut coverage for pre-existing conditions, and he has no plan to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

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Only supports rigid anti-choice judges, threat to women’s health care

James’ rigid and uncompromising views would endanger women’s health are too extreme for Michigan. He believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned and opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest and cases where the life of the mother is at risk. James has said we “will not stop fighting until we end abortion” and called abortion “genocide.” And he even vowed to oppose any judge who did not openly call for abortion to be outlawed.

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Sides with GOP mega donors, not Michigan workers who are the backbone of our economy

James has benefitted from over $3 million dollars from out-of-state, anti-labor mega-donor Dick Uihlein who has also bankrolled the fight against public employee unions in Illinois that led to the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case which undermined workers.

“All For” the Trump agenda of harming the environment to benefit special interests 

James has said he would have voted against a bipartisan budget that provided full funding for the Great Lakes. Even worse, he supports Trump’s agenda ‘2,000%’ and has stood by Trump even after he tried to eliminate Great Lakes funding and blocked tough standards to stop toxic PFAS contamination.

Refuses to support protecting Michiganders’ voting rights

James has declined to support the Voting Rights Act, the “crown jewel of the civil rights movement and a vital tool needed to combat widespread voter suppression,” and is backing a SCOTUS justice who would continue to undermine voting rights.

Failed to support reforms to take on corruption and end the influence of dark money in politics

James won’t support reforms to get money out of politics, and has taken over $20,000 from Citizens United, the conservative dark money group behind the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision. His campaign has also been boosted by deep-pocketed dark money groups with ties to Betsy DeVos and billionaire Dick Uihlein.

Opposes LGBTQ+ equality

James has tried to stand in the way of progress by promising to confirm far-right judges who pose a threat to equality, and refusing to support legal protections against discrimination. James’ failed record also includes campaigning against marriage equality – telling supporters that he believes in “marriage being between one woman and one man” as recently as 2018.

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“2,000%” Support for Trump’s Agenda 

James has earned Trump’s “total and complete endorsement” – and has said in his own words he supports the President “2,000%” – because he’ll be a reliable vote for Trump and Mitch McConnell’s toxic agenda. He’s also refused to break with Trump even as he disparaged veterans and service members, Trump’s actions tear gassing peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters, and Trump’s efforts to sabotage the Postal Service.

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Fully supported the GOP tax scam which sold Michigan out while benefiting his billionaire donors and special interests 

James fully supports the Trump-GOP tax scam giveaway for giant corporations and the wealthy like himself, which has exploded the deficit on the backs of working families, paved the way for the lawsuit to take away health care, and enabled offshoring Michigan jobs.

Praised Trump’s failed COVID-19 Response

James has praised Trump’s mismanaged Coronavirus response which has cost nearly 7,000 Michigan lives and left roughly 2.6 million Michiganders unemployed, saying Trump had “done everything that he has thought was best.”

Supports a Pro-DeVos, Anti-Public Education Agenda 

James stands with Betsy DeVos saying she is doing “very, very good” job as Education Secretary even as she pushes an anti-public education agenda. The DeVos family has rewarded James for his support, by launching a super PAC spent over $4 million to benefit James with false TV ads.

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Threat to Michiganders’ Social Security 

James refuses to break with Trump even as he works to cut the revenue stream for Social Security and Medicare if he’s re-elected. He also opposes guaranteed funding for programs like Social Security and Medicare, saying “there should be no such thing as mandatory spending.”

Additional Sources:

  • James accepted $16,800 from Dick and Elizabeth Uihlein
  • Restoration PAC has spent $2.3 million against Peters. Detroit News reported “almost all” of the funding for Restoration PAC came from Dick Uihlein.
  • Americas PAC has spent $1.2 million against Peters. reported that the super PAC was “primarily funded” by Uihlein.
  • James told supporters he believes in “marriage being between one woman and one man.”
  • Uihlein Money Source: total $3.5 million
  • Source for promising to confirm judges who threaten LGBTQ equality
  • Better Future MI Fund, a single candidate super PAC dedicated to supporting James’ campaign has spent nearly $6 million. This figure has been updated since we submitted the website.